Customization kit to attach a pair of skis diagonally to a backpack. Ideal for ski mountaineering competitions.

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Take your skis off your back fast, without removing your backpack. SKI CARRIER kits are removable and compatible with different backpacks.

Made in UE.

Composition of kits:

  1. Hook & loop fastener system: to be placed on a shoulder strap
  2. Elastic band with hook & loop closure: to be tied using a cow hitch to the ring located on top of the bag
  3. Ring: to be tied using a cow hitch on a right or left strap on the bottom of the bag

Instructions on how to install skis:

Insert the pair of skis into the lower ring, then lock the skis on top using the clip to attach to the strap of the pack. Tutorials are available in the video tab.

HOOK & LOOP Length : 12 cm Length : 12 cm
ELASTIC Length : 31 cm  Length : 31 cm
RING Opening : 13 cm  Opening : 15 cm
SKI Suitable for carrying a pair of standard size skis Suitable for carrying a pair of large skis

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