Biomechanics, noun: the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.

We design our products on the basis of studies carried out with health professionals. This research is reflected in our various innovations.

MOOV belt ® - Total freedom and comfort - Patented technology

The MOOV belt ® combines hip movements and vertical translation due to the lengthening of the back.

The assembly system between the belt and the pack freely follows all the movements of the body when walking, climbing or running, regardless of the situations (slope, rise, descent, climbing and de-escalation). The device creates a permanent support of the waist belt on the hips to transfer the load to the pelvis and relieve the shoulders.

It has been proven that it is possible to carry heavier loads on the pelvis for a longer period of time than carrying them on the shoulders.

Dual-strand straps ® - Free shoulder movements and distributed tension - Patented technology

Replacing a wide strap with a double split strap is a CiLAO revolution.

The concept is based on the overlapping the two strands as the body moves. On the one hand, it releases shoulder abduction movements. On the other hand, it evenly distributes pressure points.

The dual-strand straps ® therefore improve blood circulation and nerve conduction, creating less fatigue and allowing the athlete to prolong their effort and increase performance.

Ergonomic back - Fits the back regardless of body type

The ergonomic back ensures comfortable carrying and its three sizes adapt to different body types.

Its flexible frame perfectly fits the back in various positions and avoids all the hard zones which decrease comfort. The double back support leaves room for a central ventilation channel. The 3 sizes approach contributes to the correct placement of the various carrying components of the pack (straps and belt), depending on the body type.

The back is the cornerstone of a pack's comfort. It contributes to the full effectiveness of the other components (double-stranded straps, articulated belt, etc.). Carrying quality is important in preserving physical resources.

Pivoting belt - Easy access and time saving

The pivoting belt is now exclusively used for the DIAGONAL RACE crampon pouch. It revolves around the waist to facilitate access to content.

Thanks to a limited release system, it is possible to rotate the pocket in front of you with only one hand without the risk of dropping it.

This device prevents twisting your body and saves valuable time for competitive athletes.

Buckleless harness ® - Ultimate lightness and guaranteed safety - Patented technology

All adjustment loops have been removed from this harness and is therefore available in several sizes. The harness is fastened by a hook-and-loop fastener which is not under pressure when in suspension.

It is equipped with a "self-bearing" assembly concept: the belt and thigh straps converge towards a single attachment point. The pressure is then distributed evenly over the thighs and the belt (triangulation principle), which makes it possible to be comfortable when in suspension and still guarantee maximum safety.

Eliminating adjustment loops saves significant weight. The harness acts as a double skin for complete freedom of movement to the point of being forgotten when walking.