Organization of the range by activity

Organization of the range by activity

A range that is dedicated and specialized for your activity.


Because we work closely with athletes and mountain professionals, we have developed detailed knowledge of the technical and functional requirements related to the practice of each of these activities.

Each function is studied and simple solutions are designed according to how the products will be used to limit handling and weight while maintaining the product’s overall durability.

The research and development carried out makes it possible for us to provide high-performance products that offer optimal comfort.

Mountaineering noun: the sport or technique of scaling mountains based on different vertical progression techniques.

« For me, mountaineering brings together all the different practices used to climb and descend a mountain: skiing, paragliding, mountaineering, climbing. The lightness and comfort of CiLAO products open the door to new sequences. » Antonin Cecchini

Ski touring noun: backcountry skiing on unmarked paths in high and low mountains.

It can be done near ski resorts and up to the planet’s highest peaks. This sport is divided into several styles: competitive ski mountaineering, ski touring for multi-day treks, free ski mountaineering and steep slopes that often require mountaineering techniques.

« Ski mountaineering is an outdoor sport that is performed in a magnificent setting. Competitions transcend time and space, exalting the athlete and inviting them to push back their limits. Today, I prefer the comfort and solidity of the backpack. For the harness, I opt for lightness. » Alexis Sevennec

Trekking noun: long hike in mountainous regions, with more or less autonomy and nights spent in a tent or rudimentary accommodation.

Trekking includes long-distance hiking, pilgrimages and backpacker-type long-distance trips.

Expedition noun : tour organized to explore an area, military projections, or to reach exceptional out-of-reach locations.