Cleanser for sports equipment and technical materials.



The NST WASH washing liquid cleans your sports equipment thoroughly without altering the equipment’s technical attribute. Active mineral and plant ingredients in this wash ensure a thorough yet gentle cleansing.

Always read the label and product information leaflet before use.

Recommandations: use in conjunction with a waterproofing treatment in order to protect your equipment from dirt and stains.



  • Cleans, preserves breathability and water-repellent treatment (DWR)
  • No fabric softener / No conditioner / Chlorine-free
  • Preserves the technical characteristics of the original garment
  • Prepares clothing for water-repellent treatment
  • Eco-friendly

Technical features


  • Non-ionic surfactant (less than 5%)
  • Plant-based surfactant
  • Contains eucalyptus globulus essential oil (1.8 Cineole, alpha-Pinene, gamma-Pinene, p-Cymene, Limonene)


  • Contains no EDTA or SLES
  • Contains no artificial fragrances
  • Water-based
  • Works at low temperatures
  • Plant-based emulsifier
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in France

Machine wash

  • Remove any detergent residue from the dispenser
  • Add 50ml (one cap) of NST WASH for one garment OR add 150ml (three caps) for several garments
  • Choose a normal wash cycle (at 30°) with rinse. Do not spin dry
  • Drip off and let dry

Hand wash

  • Immerse the garment in 10l of warm water in a basin or sink
  • Add 50ml (one cap) of NST WASH for one garment OR add 150ml (three caps) for several garments
  • Gently swirl and knead the garment and let sit for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Drip off and let dry

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