The PAPANG 47 is a 47-liter mountaineering backpack for five- to ten-day courses. Its light weight (975g) makes it nonetheless comfortable, robust and resistant. 

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The PAPANG 47 is a minimalist backpack designed for mountaineering. Its 47-liter volume is intended for five- to ten-day courses. Thanks to the dual-strand straps ® the shoulders move freely and comfort is ensured.

The ergonomic back structure comprised of a flexible frame perfectly fits the back, even in different positions. A large waterproof zipper on the top and side of the bag gives access to equipment in a single movement and make packing easy thanks to the wide opening. The absence of a lid provides neck clearance to avoid any discomfort when wearing a helmet.

The compression straps give it great stability regardless of how full the pack is. They can also be used to carry climbing ropes on the outside. The bag is equipped with a compartment for the water bladder with two possible outlets for the tube (right or left) and an accessory pocket located on the top of the bag to store snacks, keys, etc. The front pocket is used to isolate equipment. Two elastic side pockets can be easily accessed even when wearing the backpack. An eyelet is located in the bottom to let the snow run off. With the ice axe holder, able to hold 2 staggered ice axes, and the diagonal ski holder, this bag is very functional.

Made in France. 


  • Move freely when you climb
  • Enjoy the stability of the bag
  • Don’t let the bag get in the way of wearing your helmet
  • Carry your skis diagonally
  • Select the ideal volume for your 5- to 10-day courses

Equipment & Features

  • Ergonomic back
  • Dual-strand straps ®
  • Belt with gear loops
  • Diagonal ski holders
  • Ice-axe holders
  • Water bladder compartment in main pocket with tube outlet
  • Front pocket
  • Interior accessory pocket
  • Elastic side pocket
  • Wide opening with horizontal and vertical waterproof zippers
  • Fully adjustable elastic chest strap
  • 3 compression straps

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