Pack of 10

Easy to carry in pockets to consume coffee anywhere



A French company revolutionizes the coffee market by launching Piccolo® (patented innovation and registered trademark), the only pocket coffee in the world that is drunk “dove voglio e quando voglio” (= “where I want and when I want”).

Because Piccolo® can be consumed without water, everywhere, all the time! Just let it melt for 5 seconds in the mouth to find all the richness of the aromas of a succulent coffee.

Advantages :

- Handcrafted and 100% pure

- Small, light, discreet

- Transportable everywhere

- Drink a coffee, without a cup, without water, without a coffee maker

To try the experiment, you just have to :

1- Open the bag

2- Pour it in your mouth

3- Let it melt on the tongue

4- fully enjoy the best coffee