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IKKO harness


Thanks to its wide range of adjustments, it meets all your needs by adapting to 95% of the users in your fleet. 

Please note: T0 & T1 comforts not included but possibility to add more (accessory section) - T2 comforts included (intended for people with large builds).

Adventure parks, professionals, contact us to get a personalized quote and benefit from the professional rate. 

Size :

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About the IKKO Harness :

With its 3 sizes, it is suitable for anyone looking for a harness that is simple to use and manage. It's also a budget-friendly version that's ideal for climbing clubs.


Strengths :

• Easy to tighten and loosen with sliding buckles and grips

• Thigh strap in different colors for easy donning.

• CE certified

• Made in Europe


Benefits :

• Time saving for your operators: quick and easy to set up

• Reduced waiting time for equipment

• Easy harness management: the iKKO harness adapts to 95% of the users in your fleet

• Reduced cost of use: less frequent renewals due to the quality of the materials


Features : 

• Highly sliding buckles for quick and effortless adjustment

• Tension release elastics in the buckles to prevent unintentional loosening

• Color-coded right thigh

• Narrowed crotch straps for improved suspension comfort

• Belt and thigh loops to accommodate excess strap

• Central trigger guard with wear protection

• Sliding elastic for the connection between the waistband and the thighs

• Gear loop on the right side resistant to 200kg

• High-tenacity polyamide webbing

• CE EN 12277 certified

• Optional comfort on T0 & T1 - Included on T2 only