TEAM CiLAO - A team of athletes and enthusiasts

They are part of the CiLAO team and we love working with them. It is thanks to them that we test, modify and improve our products. They guide us, and push us to innovate. Ski touring, trekking, ski mountaineering, expeditions... We follow them daily in all their adventures. Find their feedback regularly on our blog or on social networks, and also discover the favorite bags of the CiLAO team. 


  • Estelle PERETTO

    Ski de randonnée - Yoga

  • Sébastien OVERNEY

    Expédition - Ski de randonnée

  • Tiphaine DUPERIER

    Expédition - Ski de randonnée

  • Robin GALINDO

    Ski alpinisme

  • Etienne LOISEL

    Guide - Randonnée - Expédition

  • Alexis SEVENNEC

    Ski alpinisme - Trail - Randonnée

  • Bastien FLEURY

    Ski alpinisme

  • Morgan PERISSE

    Guide - Escalade - Expédition

  • Meije VACHEZ

    Ski alpinisme

  • Valentin FAVRE

    Ski alpinisme