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C-shaped mattresses

Secure, protect or diversify your routes with protective mattresses!

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Pre-formed C-shaped mattresses to protect the public from collisions against trees, pillars or other protruding elements. Available in three different diameters, they can be attached with bungee cords for a simple and practical fit. Their format makes it possible to protect a hazard obstacle on one side in a cost-effective way.



• Polyurethane foam 24kgs/m3 - high technical performance

• PVC cover 680gr/m²

• Peripheral eyelet straps for bungee cord fastening

• Bungee cords not included



• Simple bungee cord attachment

• Convenient fit

• Wide range of colours

• Economical size to protect only one side of the obstacle

• Longer service life due to pre-formed foam (less stress)